Medical Terminology Basics

Welcome to the lesson on ‘Medical Terminology!’ You probably already know that Medicine has its own language. One physician joked to patients that being able to “talk medicine” is half of what doctors get paid for! Good news, English uses a TON of Latin and Greek words. Also if you are studying any of the romance languages you’ve probably had even more exposure. For many of you, it’ll just be a task of getting used to using medical words and putting them together in a way that makes sense. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it seems hard, really understanding what the words mean takes a medical school education.

This Lesson Has 4 Tasks

  1. Read our Article on Medical Terminology! We’ll introduce you to 305 common medical terms. And this list just scratches the surface!

  2. Assignment 1: Latin and Greek are used in a lot of pre-medical research. Take a look at this study which examined how extensive its use is!

  3. Assignment 2: Do a google search for medical terminology sites. You’ll find lists far more comprehensive then the one given in our article!

  4. Pass the Exam Below!

You are allowed to refer to your materials while taking the exam. Remember you need a minimum passing score of 80% to pass the exam, but you are allowed to complete as many retakes as you want. You can also ask for help on your exam! You can ask for help in the High School Mentoring group or on the activity feed.

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