Open Houses

Welcome to the lesson on Professionalism During Open Houses. In this lesson you’ll learn about how to both present yourself professionally during an Open House and also how to take full advantage of that open house. A medical school open house is often a much smaller affair then a college open house. This means the spotlight is more intensely on you. This lesson is important because the open house will often act as your first impression and you need to make it count!

This Lesson Has 2 Tasks

  1. Read our Article on Open Houses Here.

  2. Assignment 1: Join the Open House & Events Group. It’s never too early to start attending open houses, especially if they are close. In fact you can learn a lot about medical school and there are advantages to start networking early!

  3. Take the Exam Below!

You are allowed to refer to your materials while taking the exam. Remember you need a minimum score of 80% to pass the exam, but you are allowed to complete as many retakes as you want.

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