Chemistry Basics

Welcome to the lesson on ‘Chemistry Basics!’ Just like our Biology Basics lesson, this is really intended just for an individual who is about to start taking Chemistry. Chemistry is definitely one of the hardest classes you’ll have to take. One of the hardest parts about chemistry, isn’t necessarily the content – it’s the delay between when you take it and when you need to remember the content for the MCAT. Concepts in classes like Biology and Cellular Biology are often reinforced multiple times. However, concepts like orbitals, electron shells, gas laws, solvents vs solutes, etc. … that’s mainly chemistry talk. Even seemingly related classes like Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry tend to be so specialized that you only get a basic review of a FEW concepts from Chemistry.

This Lesson Has 4 Tasks

  1. Read our Article on Chemistry Basics! Please just lightly read the article. The point isn’t to make you memorize everything there. It’s just to give you an idea of the topics you’ll be encountering early in the semester.

  2. Assignment 1: Download a copy of the periodic table. Memorize the order of the first 20 elements. This will help you later on the MCAT!

  3. Pass the Exam Below!

You are allowed to refer to your materials while taking the exam. Remember you need a minimum passing score of 80% to pass the exam, but you are allowed to complete as many retakes as you want. You can also ask for help on your exam! You can ask for help in the High School Mentoring group or on the activity feed.

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