Evidence-Based Research in Clinical Decision Making

Welcome to the lesson on Evidence-Based Research in Clinical Decision Making, Specifically in Medicine. In this lesson you’ll very briefly learn the reasoning why doctors pick a particular treatment or medicine for an ailment and not another. Specifically we’ll be talking about the role of evidence-based medicine in health care!

This Lesson Has 5 Tasks

  1. Read our article on Evidence-Based Medicine. It’s important that you become adept at telling good research from bad research so you can help stop the spread of misinformation! This is also going to be important because you need to rely in evidence-based research in clinical decision making.

  2. Assignment 1: Find a good research article on anything (doesn’t have to be medicine related). In this forum share what level of evidence the article uses to back it’s claims.

  3. Assignment 2: Find a badly written article on the Internet, Reddit, Facebook, or anywhere else. One that doesn’t use research or a method listed on the levels of evidence pyramid. Share that article on your personal profile. Make sure you note why it doesn’t meet the threshold for good research!

  4. Assignment 3: Read this article for even more detailed information on levels of evidence! You’ll notice some names for different levels are different, but the general ideas remain the same.

  5. Take the Exam Below!