BreakThru Learning: High-Yield, Free, and Premium Pre-Medical Courses

Welcome to BreakThru Learning our free pre-medical course focused on topics important to you, the pre-medical student. We take a different approach with our BreakThru Learning Courses. Instead of repeating what you can get anywhere else and giving you just one more course about medical terminology or acing that Biochem section of the MCAT, we’re going to teach you the real secrets. Our free pre-medical course will give you all those insider tools. Built around pre-medical mentoring, this approach goes hand-in-hand with our social mentoring network. Take the lessons, learn the secrets, network with mentors, and grow together!

The BreakThru Learning Course combines lessons, assignments, exams, videos, achievements, certifications, and mentoring! Learn and grow as you work your way through each BreakThru Learning objectives.

If you’re interested in unlocking more and going further, consider finding yourself a mentor or becoming a premium member to help support our mentoring efforts and unlock even more lessons and content!

Course Curriculum

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