BreakThru Learning: “How to Pick Your Major”

Welcome to the lesson on ‘Picking a Major’! For many of you this will be easy, or at least appear to be easy. In college, many future doctors will choose to major in Biology, Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Biochemistry, or something related. However, don’t discount other majors because they don’t fit the ‘pre-medical’ mold! In the article below, you’ll learn compelling reasons why some non-traditional degrees may actually give you an advantage in applying.

This Lesson Has 3 Tasks

  1. Read our Article on Picking a Major Here. Make sure you are both optimistic and pragmatic with your major choice. Pick a major that will you are interested in and will help you develop a career you love – even if your plans change and you don’t want to become a doctor anymore.

  2. Assignment 1: Read the linked post on which undergrad majors are the best for medical school.

  3. Assignment 2: Read about what UC Davis has to say about Philosophy Pre-Med Majors. Note the part where they talk about MCAT scores. FYI one of the co-founders of this site was a philosophy major! The big take away is that many majors, like philosophy, can take you to medical school.