Clothing & Video Conferencing

Welcome to the lesson on Professionalism: Attire and Video Conferencing. We cover two topics today. First, what exactly is meant by professional attire. Second, we look at the results of a massive shift away from in-person meetings and towards digital ones.

This Lesson Has 3 Tasks

  1. Read our Article on Professionalism: Attire and Video Meetings.

  2. Assignment 1: Identify clothing that you have which qualifies as business formal. It’ll be important that your wardrobe meets the needs of your future interviews!

  3. Take the Exam Below!

You are allowed to refer to your materials while taking the exam. For this exam you need a you need a minimum score of 80% to pass the exam, but you are allowed to complete as many retakes as you want.

(To see if you passed click ‘View Score’ a passing grade here is 6/7 Total Points. Click Submit Another Response to Retake)