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We are creating the premier site for medical mentoring. Obtain mentoring, give mentoring, collaborate with peers, build a strong professional online presence on our medical network. 

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This page will provide you with a simple guide on how to get started. 

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Creating Your Account

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Create Account Screen

Sign Up: Find the Sign Up Link in the Top Right Corner and Click on It! This will take you to our simple registration page.

Fill out all the required profile fields. You’ll have access to more profile fields once your account is created

Referrals?: Let Us Know if someone referred you. Read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Then Click Create Account!

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Activation Link: Go to your email and activate your account. 

Be Sure to add our emails to your safe list! Official emails will come from

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Senior, Rutgers
Biology & Public Health

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Rutgers - Supply Chain Management

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Building Your BreakThru Profile

Profiles Are the Heart of the BreakThru Network

The BreakThru Network

BreakThru Member Profiles

At Project BreakThru, member profiles are used to help find strong BreakThru Mentor Matches.

Find Mentors that are alumni from your college, share your background, your major, your hobbies, your research and career goals, and so much more!

Learn how to setup your profile below. 

Step 1

Edit Profile: Navigate to the drop down menu in the upper right corner of the screen and click ‘edit’.

Step 2

Profile Fields: Based on your selected Profile Type you have a wide variety of profile fields. 

Pro Tip: You can make many of these fields visible or hidden 

Step 3

Select Photo: Navigate to the drop down menu in the upper right corner of the screen and click ‘edit’. We recommend using a Web Cam to take a photo.

It’s important to remember this is a professional site and each profile should have a professional-appearing profile photo. 

Step 4

Timeline: Post on your timeline to give all your connections updates on your activities. 

Profile Extras: Profiles are a powerful feature on Project BreakThru. There’s just so much you can do with it. From posting photos, to viewing your achievements, to accumulating points from site activity.
Read More About Profile Features Here 

Making connections

Connect With Medical & Pre-Medical Students

If profiles are the heart of BreakThru, then connections are our soul.

Everyday we’re adding more students and more connections. 

Project BreakThru is where you can obtain free mentoring for medical school. But to get that mentoring you first need to make some connections. We’ll teach you how to find people using our powerful search engine. Medical Students if you want to be a mentor to premedical students, want want to get mentoring from upper classmates, or simply connect with medical students across the country, this is the place!

Now, let’s start connecting

Step 1

Members Page: Navigate to the members page at the top of the screen. 

Remember, a professional-appearing photo makes your profile stand out. 

Step 2

Member Search: You can filter members based on undergrad, medical school, if they are medical students or premed, and if they are taking mentors. 


Step 3

Connect and Follow: Connect and follow to message and stay updated on other user’s activity. Make sure to send a message to your new connection!

Your activity and the activity of your friends will always show up in your feed.  So make as many connections as you can while at Project BreakThru!

Joining Groups

Get to where the action is!

You’ve learned how to make a profile, search members, and connect with other members. Now let’s take this up a notch! 

The real action happens in PBT groups. Study Resources, Forums, College Activities, Events, and so much more are found in our Groups. 

Best of all, the vast majority of our groups are entirely free to join!

Step 1

Groups Menu: Start by clicking the groups menu item. This will take you to all the groups available to your membership level. Free members have access just about every group!

Step 2

Groups: Navigate around the groups menu. If you click the button pointed to in the top right you can switch between gallery and list view. The column on the right will show your role in the group, member, moderator, organizer, etc.

Step 3

Using Groups: On the group’s page you can see what the group is for, join the group, post questions in the feed, start discussions in the forum, download files, join zoom meetings, and so much more!

Pro Tip: Having trouble joining a group? Make sure you’re a member of the parent group first! 

Ask. Advise. Inspire

BreakThru Mentoring

Mentoring is built into every nook, corner, and cranny of this website. Ask questions on the feed of the main page, in the groups, in the forums, by messaging other members, in the comments of our blog posts, or directly to your mentor. We never restrict who you can talk to for mentoring and encourage you to reach out and make as many connections with medical students as you can. 

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Our Medical Student Mentors

We believe that taking a holistic view of the individual is more meaningful. Mentorship should be democratized and geared towards an individual’s specific circumstances. Our mentors reflect that. We have high performing mentors with near perfect GPA’s, mentors that struggled but succeeded, mentors who are non traditional students, and mentors that represent MD and DO schools.

Become a Mentor

Interested in applying to be a BreakThru Mentor?
Click Below for More Information.

Our Mentors Attend

Extra Site Features & FAQ

Still with us? We’ve been told this guide is too long, which is probably true! So we’ll wrap this up with a quick FAQ below that answers questions and talks about some more site features for you to explore! Have a question that isn’t answered here, scroll down and use our form below to get in touch!

Can I create a Free Account?
What are the Limits to a Free Account?

Functionally, there’s only a few things you can’t access. A couple of study groups, a couple of posts, and a couple of lessons. 

What are the advantages to a Premium (Paid) Account?

You get special groups, lessons, courses, priority access to group mentoring, and a host of other stuff. Best of all it’s super affordable at $5 bucks a month! Interested in joining? Click Here!

What are BreakThru Courses?

These are a rapidly expanding area on our site where we offer focused lessons. We have a great course for high school students, one for pre-meds, we’re working on some special interest groups right now too! Expect certifications that you can earn in the future!

How do I take a BreakThru Course?

Look at the top of the screen and click courses!

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