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"The biggest challenge facing pre-meds has nothing to do with grades, the MCAT, or clubs. It's ambiguity. Getting into medical school is straightforward, but a #premed simply doesn't have the #mentoring needed to avoid pitfalls along the way." #breakthru

Life as a Pre-Medical Student Isn't Easy.

The sacrifices, the anxiety, the late nights, the constant comparisons to others, the fear that comes with each exam… It’s horrible, and it’s all in pursuit of a singular dream – becoming a doctor. I’ve been there. I’ve suffered through those nights studying Organic Chemistry, planning for the MCAT, planning and balancing my extracurriculars, and wondering what I need to do next that may set me apart. know exactly the challenges that you are working to overcome, we succeeded, and we can show you how too.


It's Not Just What you Know. It's WHO you know.

When it comes to being a pre-med, who you know plays a massive role in what you know. The number of questions I asked as a pre-med could fill a book. At each step of the process of getting into medical school, I would constantly be learning something new. However, finding good answers is not easy. I’m sure you’ve seen people be given bad advice or read things on the internet that makes you think, “That can’t be true.” I remember being told repeatedly as a pre-med that I would never make it into medical school by “experts” who knew nothing about my background, my efforts, or my passion.  

Here's the scary statistics

Any pre-health freshman has a 91% chance of NOT making it into medical school. That’s just the cold hard math. And that’s not 100 random people. That’s 91 out of 100 smart and driven people who all want to become doctors. 

Pre-health students
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There’s a lot of competition when it comes to getting into medical school…

Available seats
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…and just not quite enough spots to fit everyone aspiring to become a doctor…

of Freshman that Will "Make it"
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…medical schools to select only a tiny percentage of applicants on average.

Why Do So Many Pre-med Students Never Make it to the Finish Line?

Simply put, a lot of pre-medical students never receive the right advice. Or the advice comes too late. Whether it was about which class to take, when to schedule the MCAT, which extracurricular activity to lead, or even when to submit the medical school application itself – all of these are small pieces in a much bigger puzzle. If any one piece is missing it can push you into the 91% of people who are never accepted to medical school. 

At BreakThru, we don't think anyone should be at a disadvantage when it comes to knowing what to do.

If you've put in the work, you deserve the results.

The best person to get advice from is…

  • Someone who has already been in your shoes.
  • Someone who has gone through the same struggles.
  • Someone who has the same goals
  • Someone who can relate to you on a personal level
  • Someone who recently went through the process.
  • Someone who you can trust for advice.
  • Someone who has succeeded at all of these things and gotten into a medical school that you want to go to!

Dr. Carroll

Dr. Nathan A. Carroll’s Bio…

  • Academic Difficulties: 2.6 GPA Average in Undergrad
  • Older Pre-Med: Started Pre-Med at 32
  • Older Medical Student: Started Medical School at 36
  • Graduate of RowanSOM Class of 2021
  • Dual Degree Graduate: Has a DO/MBA & Currently a Master of Public Health Student at Yale
  • Residency: Psychiatry at Hackensack Meridian
  • Teaching: Highly active in pre-medical student, medical student, and resident education.
  • Research: Multiple research projects and publications. 
  • Linkedin Profile:

That’s SIX MONTHS of focused, individualized, hands-on mentoring directly from Dr. Carroll. 

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It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to know the right person. Our goal isn’t to price anyone out; that’s why we’ve created BreakThru Mentoring to be affordable without compromising value. 

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100% of our past participants feel more comfortable applying to medical school after mentoring. Nobody can guarantee acceptance, but we can help you put your best foot forward.

Building Up Confidence Like That is Kind of Our Mission Here

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