BreakThru Pre-Medical High School Program

BreakThru Mentoring
Pre-Medical High school Program

A Program for The Future Medical Student Resident Physician Pediatrician Family Doctor Psychiatrist ER Doc Surgeon Neurologist PM&R Doc

“The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to Create It”

Abraham Lincoln

High School Pre-Medical Course Features:

30+ High-Yield Lessons
Assignments & Assessments
Pre-Med Readiness Certification
Motivational BreakThru Bites
Lifetime High School Level Access
BreakThru Pre-Medical Checklist
Narcan Certification
Basic Life Support Certification
High School Mentoring Group
Exclusive High School Forum
BreakThru Mentors
Life-Long Connections
$ 100

Get Lifetime Access to our Powerful Pre-Medical Program and our Mentoring Tools. 

Learners can come back and review lessons as much as they want.

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Each lesson is designed to take 15 – 30 minutes and can be completed on the student’s own time. However, we’ve created them to also act as spring boards into larger discussions about medical school and medicine. You never lose access and automatically get access to all future lessons.

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100% of our Past Participants in our BreakThru Mentoring Programs Feel More Comfortable Applying to Medical School.

Building Up Confidence Like That is Kind of Our Mission Here

BreakThru High School Pre-Medical Prep Course

We’ve designed a High-Yield set of 30+ Self-Driven & Self-Paced Lessons focused on topics that are critical to understanding what it takes to get into and through medical school. This will help your learner develop a plan to tackle a difficult process that begins before day one of undergrad! By the time most students realize how complicated the path to medical school is, they are often caught flat footed!

The BreakThru Pre-Medical Course features videos, topical exams, assignments to reinforce learning and connect with medical students, and they all ultimately lead to a BreakThru Certification in Pre-Medical Readiness. You will also have opportunities to pursue certification online for Narcan and Basic Life Support!

Included with each student’s membership is Lifetime Access to our High School Pre-Medical Group. Unlock the power of a social network built entirely around pre-medical mentoring. Take the lessons you learn during your course, actively apply them, and get feedback from our BreakThru Mentors.

Want to try it out before you buy it? Take our free sample class! Our sample class features a selection of the best lectures, assignments, and exams to give you a feel of how we approach high school mentoring. Want some more information? Fill out our contact form below and we’ll get right back to you!

The Core Curriculum

  • Introduction:
    • Introduction: Why Medical School
    • Formula for the Successful Medical School Applicant
    • DO vs MD vs NP… Decoding the Degrees
  • Mentoring Tools:
    • BreakThru Site Tools
    • Mentoring and Medical School
  • Pre-Medical Lectures:
    • Picking a Major
    • GPA vs sGPA
    • 7-Year Medical Programs
    • Pre-Medical College Classes
    • Pre-Medical Clubs & Organizations
  • Pre-Medical Classes:
    • The Basics of Biology, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, and Chemistry 
  • Medical School:
    • An Overview of Medical School
    • Day in the Life of a Medical Student
    • Applying to Medical School
    • Dual Degrees in Medical School
  • Professionalism:
    • Social Media
    • Clothing & Video Conferencing
    • Open Houses
    • Correspondence
  • Research, Work, Clubs, Volunteering, & E.C.’s:
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Work, Research, Volunteering, & E.C.’s
    • Evidence-Based Research in Clinical Decision Making
    • Pre-Medical Leadership
  • Extra Certifications:
    • Narcan Certification
    • Basic Life Support Training
  • Conclusion:
    • Your Next Steps
    • Final Review
  • Final Exam:
    • BreakThru Pre-Medical Prep Certification!

Our core learning curriculum touches upon essential topics that often become pitfalls and derail future healthcare professionals. In addition, these lessons serve as bridges to mentoring on the BreakThru Network. Your learners will be gaining valuable knowledge while making critical connections. 

Our Medical Student Mentors

As a participant in BreakThru’s High School Pre-Medical Program you’ll have access to our BreakThru Mentors. Our mentors are medical students that come from all over and holistically represent students from a wide range of backgrounds and walks of life. We have high performing mentors with near perfect GPA’s, mentors that struggled but succeeded, mentors who are non-traditional students, and mentors that represent MD and DO schools. The one thing all of our medical student mentors have in common is that they are passionate about mentoring. Below are just a few of the schools our attend.


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