Mentor Enrollment

Mentor Enrollment

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How Can I Help As A Mentor?


We all know that the path to medical school isn't as straightforward as moving from Point A to Point B.

Mentoring helps students unlock their potential and guides them along the complicated path to their goals.

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What Makes Project BreakThru Different From Other Sites?

By You, For You

Our free mentoring platform is both a social network and a mentoring supersite!

The BreakThru mentor match connects pre-meds to carefully matched mentors, and much more!

The PBT Edge

So What's the Deal With the Name 'Project BreakThru'?

Who We Are. Who We Will BE!

Our name reflects the site's mission to help you break through the barriers to your future career, passion, and self!

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First Steps: If you haven’t done so already please register an account and fill out your profile. The more complete your profile is the better able we are to find you closely matching mentees.  In addition, these are professional profiles we’re creating, so it’s a great location to build a professional online CV. 

What BreakThru Is: People often say it’s not what you know, but who you know. That’s not entirely false. BreakThru is a little different then a lot of the tutoring and admissions services you’ll find. We aren’t creating a pay-for-service program. This is NOT a ‘you pay us some ridiculous amount of money and we’ll make you look like the perfect applicant’ service. Our vision is to facilitate mentor / mentee relationships with exactly the people you want to talk to – pre-med students, medical students, residents, and attendings.

How the PBT Schedule Works: You’ll be assigned a mentee based off of the information in your profile, your shared goals, and your shared backgrounds. This information will help us create a Custom Roadmap for each mentee. Each week the mentee will have a topical goal. These goals are created from topics that are highly relevant to getting into and being successful in medical school. As the mentor you will help them navigate those topics, but you won’t be doing the work for them. The onus of the work is on the mentee. You should not expect to spend more then a few minutes a week helping your mentee – unless you want to! This light commitment requirement is so that you the mentor can still have all the time you need to complete your school work.

We aren’t going to force your mentees to go through these step in their Roadmap and we don’t expect you to force them either. If they want to throw the roadmap out the window on day 1 and just use the next 4 weeks to ask questions, that’s fine! However, we do think that they’ll get a lot from structuring their weeks a little. However we will have weekly tasks for them to complete. Past groups noted that some accountability helped them learn more. These tasks are all very simple and just require them to make a simple post about something you’re working on each week. As a mentor please feel free and try to respond to their posts on the forums. 

Accountability: Each week we will send the reminders to your mentees about 1 to 3 tasks to complete. These tasks will usually be small posts on the site about what they are working on presently. 

Deadline: Our Winter Enrollment period is currently active! If you are interested in becoming a BreakThru Mentor, fill out he application below and we’ll be in touch!

the Beta timeline

How Your 6 Weeks Will Look

1. Applying
2. Congrats!
3. Road Map
4. Each Week
5. Afterwards


Fill Out Our Survey Below! The completed survey + a completed profile helps us make custom mentor matches. 

Meet Your Mentee

Setup A Meeting. Your mentee is probably a little nervous, so you’ll setup the first meeting with them. This meeting will be mandatory for your mentee to attend. So make it for a time that works best for you.

4 Weeks

A Guided Journey. Every week your  mentee will have work to do based on their roadmap. They Do Not Have to Follow This Roadmap. But most people feel it helps.


1 to 3 Small Tasks for Your Mentee. These are usually small posts on the site. We encourage your mentee to complete these tasks and post on the site as they will help them reinforce what they’re learning and help others.

Wind Down

Post-Survey: When we wrap up we’ll send you a small survey to fill out. This survey will help us create a better program moving forward. 

Important Numbers

Cost to Students
$ 300


Mentoring is Free During the Beta. 

 Later, as a paid mentor, you can earn up to $200 per student for 1:1 mentoring.


The Beta Mentoring Program is Much More Condensed then the Final Full Program Will Be. 

Expect a 6 MONTH Program at Launch!

1 %

100% of our Past Participants Feel More Comfortable Applying to Medical School After Mentoring.

Building Up Confidence Like That is Kind of Our Mission Here

the Beta Mentoring Application

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