Sample: High School Prep Program

Welcome to our three sample curriculum. This is just a small portion of the courses you’ll see when you enroll in our High School Pre-Medical Prep Class!

Complete the lessons, finish the assignments, take the exams. Then when you’re ready to go further, subscribe for the real thing and earn your certification! We’ve also included a suggested 8 schedule for the full course.

8-Week Schedule

  • Week 1
    • Develop Your Profile
    • Complete All Introduction Lessons
  • Week 2
    • Project BreakThru Lessons
    • Picking a Major – Pre-Medical Lesson
  • Week 3
    • Complete Remaining Pre-Medical Lessons
  • Week 4
    • Overview of Medical School
    • Day in the Life of a Medical Student
    • Social Media Professionalism
    • Clothing & Video Conferencing Professionalism
  • Week 5
    • Open House Professionalism
    • Correspondence and Professionalism
    • Applying to Medical School
    • Beyond the DO and MD: Dual Degree Options for Medical School
  • Week 6
    • Complete all Research, Work, Clubs, Volunteering, and E.C. Lectures
  • Week 7
    • Work on Your Special Certifications
  • Week 8
    • Complete the Final Review
    • Take the Final Exam
    • Earn Your Certificate!!

Course Curriculum

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