Reply To: SMART Goals

  • Janaya

    October 24, 2020 at 12:11 pm
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    GOAL: Get into Medical school

    Step 1: Improve GPA

    Sub-step: Ace upper division courses

    Step 2: Apply to Special Master’s Program

    Sub-step: Do well in Master’s Program

    Step 3: Complete SMP and study for the MCAT

    Sub-step: Stay focused and maintain a healthy balance between school/personal life

    Sub-step: Create a study plan for MCAT

    Sub-step: Use resources for MCAT

    Step 4: Take the MCAT and do well

    Step 5: Prepare Application and Finish

    Sub-step: Obtain LOR’s

    Sub-step: Write Statements

    Sub-step: Have someone review my application

    Step 6: Apply to Osteopathic Schools

    Step 7: Get accepted to DO medical school