Reply To: Milestone 1 – Introductions & SMART Goals

  • Akash

    October 16, 2020 at 12:18 am
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    Hey y’all! These are my SMART Goals

    This semester:

    1. Develop a study plan for tackling each of my midterms and get As on my midterms

    2. Use a tracking software to keep track of all of my work/tasks for my classes and ECs

    3. Finish writing my research manuscript and get it submitted to publication


    1. Find clinical volunteering/scribing opportunities by this spring for my junior/senior year

    2. Start looking for a new lab to pick up another research project in (get another one by junior year)

    3. Apply to become a TA for a couple of my classes


    1. Continue with dance, guitar, and exercise as ways to maintain my mental state as I continue down the medical path

    2. Get involved with a space agency to become a flight surgeon

    3. Be sure to take some time to go backpacking and travel