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Your Next Steps

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final stage in the Project BreakThru High School Program. By this point, you are probably overloaded with (useful) information that’ll put you above your peers.


But… now what?

Moving forward, we recommend you take pieces of what you learned and try to implement them depending on what grade level you are in. For those nearing graduation and already settled on a school, a lot of this information can be easily applicable into signing up for courses, creating a schedule, tentatively deciding on a major, and finding out how else you want to be involved during college.

For everyone before that step, you actually now have a chance to use what you’ve picked up from here in helping you decide which college you want to complete your pre-med courses in. Different schools will offer different opportunities and benefits, and depending on what you want to do, this can influence your long-term plans.

Regardless of how far into high school you are, you can always jump back to this course to refresh on information even during college! Luckily for you, you have life-time high school access so your access to these articles and videos are unlimited.

However, just because you’ve completed the program doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn! Becoming a physician means you’ll be a life-long student, and there’s always new things to explore and ways to grow. 

Search around the website for pre-medical students who are going to your dream college, or a medical student at a medical school you really want to go to, and connect with them! Ask them questions about what they would do differently if they were in your shoes, and how you can be ahead of the curve.

Did You Know: Physicians continuously learn and train, even after graduation? And we’re not talking residency. There’s something called continuing medical education and every physician needs to complete a certain amount of it!


Read more about CME’s here.

More Mentoring!

If you want something more structured, check out our 1:1 Mentorship Program, where we pair you with a medical student that’s the best match for you. What do we mean by that? We assess your background, personality and future goals and compare it to our various med student mentors to see which one you line up with the best. That way they can relate to your questions at a much deeper level.

On a more personal note from myself, a medical student: you are about to embark on a lifelong journey that is going to change the way you see the world. Medicine is an incredible field, and it’s one with way more possibility and opportunity than you would have originally expected. You’ll get the chance to truly connect with patients, see astounding pathology, work with phenomenal team members, and ultimately do something that is fulfilling to you. With that said, it doesn’t come easy. This process will unapologetically beat you down, and it’ll be up to you and your support team to keep pushing you forward. It’s the unfortunate price to pay for a wonderful career, and we at Project BreakThru are here to help you at every step of the way.

Feel free to reach out to anyone on the PBT team as you take your next steps forward. We have no doubt that you have the potential to become an incredible physician, and we can’t wait to see you get to that level.

Next Steps

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The Path to Medical School Can Feel Long And Unclear

But never forget that we’re here to help. Do you have a question about something you just read in our BreakThru Learner Series?

Use the BreakThru Feed to Ask and Inspire others with your questions. Our Medical Student Mentors are always here to help you, for free, anytime.

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