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About Me

I was born and brought up in New Jersey and used to live in Marlboro, NJ located in Monmouth County for 13 years before I moved to Frisco, Texas before my freshman year of high school. I became very involved in the community there and would volunteer weekly in food pantries as well as community events. As I moved on into my sophomore year of high school I had learned about a small clinic for patients who didn’t have insurance. As I was always interested in medicine from a young age, I jumped on the opportunity to volunteer there. I got my HIPAA certification and started soon after. Around the end of my junior year, my dad had gone through an open heart surgery for coronary artery disease, this experience had a huge impact on my interest in medicine, and although it was a tough time for me, I looked at the positive side of the situation however small it was and realized why pursuing medicine would be the right career for me.  I volunteered at the clinic until the end of my senior year. While working at the clinic I started an American Heart Association Club at school to raise awareness on heart disease as well as getting involved in HOSA and being on the executive board of my student council. I decided I wanted to study back home for college so I applied to Rutgers and by the end of my summer, I was packing to go back to New Jersey. I did have a rough start adjusting to Rutgers during my first year due to certain circumstances as well as just transitioning from high school to college and COVID moving the semester online. I am now a sophomore at Rutgers University and I hope to improve my GPA and just get more involved in the community.

Favorite Quote

 “Success is the ability to move from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

Special Interests and Hobbies

I love to crochet, paint, read, and bake in my free time. Not only is it stress reliving but also rewarding, I get new decor and blankets 🙂 sometimes I even donate them to hospitals and hospices.

My Goals

My Goals for This Year

The goals I’ve set for this year are;

1. Get better grades ad improve my GPA from last year.

2. Join clubs and organizations to get more involved.

3. Improve my study habits and techniques

4. Find clinical volunteering opportunities.


Undergraduate School

Rutgers University

Major 1

Cell Biology and Neuroscience

Leadership and Club Activities

I am part of the Douglass Residential College. I am also involved in the Rutgers MSA, as a part of the event planning team.