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About Me

About Me

I’m the CEO and founder of BreakThru Mentoring. I’m also a resident Psychiatrist at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, a mentor, and a life-long learner.

Favorite Quote

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

John Augustus Shedd

Special Interests and Hobbies

Theme Parks

Professional Licenses / Credentials / Affiliations / Certifications


My Goals

My Goals for This Year

2023 Goals

  1. Pass my Level 3 Board Exam (April)
  2. Submit 2 Case Reports to the APA (1 Submitted, 1 Pending)
  3. Submit 2 research projects to IRB (IV Tylenol and Imposter Syndrome)
  4. Apply for the Executive MPH Program at Yale – Done, Accepted!!
  5. Complete a rough draft of the BreakThru Mentoring Book – Oof. Pending. May not have time this year.
  6. Establish monthly virtual events at BreakThru Mentoring – Pending. May have to push this to Winter of 2022
  7. Do our first in-person event at BreakThru Mentoring – Sadly will need to push this back to 2023

Accomplished Goals!!

  1. Graduated from post-bacc at WPUNJ
  2. Graduated MBA school at Rowan
  3. Graduated Medical school at RowanSOM
  4. Obtained a Residency at JSUMC in the specialty of my choice
  5. Established BreakThru Mentoring
  6. Passed my Level 1 & Level 2 Exams
My 5 Year Goals
  1. Complete my PRITE – Done
  2. Complete next year’s PRITE with improvement!
  3. Have 2 published pieces in peer-reviewed journals
  4. Complete my residency – Working on it!
  5. Pass my psychiatry Board Exam
  6. Join the Army as a Psychiatrist – Done
  7. Grow BreakThru mentoring
  8. Pitch my TV pilot – Working on it!
My 10 Year Goals
  1. Start my own practice – Care-All Healthcare – Working on it!
  2. Inspire a new generation of physicians – Working on it!
  3. Figure out how Tik Toc works – Impossible


Undergraduate School

William Paterson, Warren County Community College, Rutgers

Major 1


Major 2


Minor 1


Minor 2


Leadership and Club Activities

Warren County Community College
Math Honor Society

William Paterson
Computer Science Society – President
Pre-SOMA – Founder / President
Future Healthcare Professionals- Member
Chemistry Club – Member

Graduate School

Graduate School

Rowan & Yale School of Public Health

Medical School

Medical School


Degree Program


School Clubs & Organizations

– InvestMed (Business of Medicine Society)
– Benjamin Rush Institute
– AID (Association for Independent Doctors)
– OMM Clinic

Special Interests / Hobbies in Medical School

Business of Medicine & Entrepreneurship
OMM Clinic
Psychiatry and Neuroscience


Currently Accepting Students


Mentoring Philosophy

I try to meet the mentee where they are at. I feel every individual has a road to medical school, no matter your age or how poor your grades are. Some roads may be tougher then others – sure, but nothing’s impossible.

Communications & Availability

Email & Phone are best.

Usually available after 5pm, unless I’m on call.

Research Experience

Research Experience / Publications


  1. Impact of Telemedicine on Patient Anxiety – Cancelled during IRB review
  2. Attitudes Regarding IV Tylenol Usage at JSUMC – In planning stage, creating IRB proposal


Case Reports:

  1. From Toking to “Boking”: A Novel and Effective Approach to Cannabinoid Hyperemesis, a Case Study
  2. Every Knot was Once a Straight Rope: Secondary Gains, Substance Abuse, Anxiety, & Self-Induced Illness A Case Report
Looking for Research?


Work & Military Experience

Work Experience

Resident Psychiatrist
Jersey Shore University Medical Center

Jun 2021 to Present
Role: Resident Psychiatrist
Responsibilities: Patient care and education, mentoring medical students, reviewing medical students, personal education.


Operations & Strategic Planning

Jul 2018 to Jun 2019
Greater New York City Area

Role: Startup Team
Responsibilities: Developed strategic partnerships with health service providers. Intern coaching, training, and professional development. Strategic planning, process, and product development. Newsletter & blog creation.


FPS – Family Preservation Services Counselor

Aug 2011 to Aug 2014
Flemington, NJ

Role: Counselor
Responsibilities: -Family counseling and support services, worked with the State of New Jersey to help stabilize families in crisis by providing short-term, intensive, in-home counseling services, worked with interdisciplinary teams of LCSWs, LPCs, Therapists, and Case Workers to develop therapeutic goals.


Military Branch

In the application process for the Army Reserves to become a 60W