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  • Posted by Nathan  on November 16, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    Today I want to talk about a great pre-medical resource called Khan Academy. I think every medical student has probably watched at least a couple of these videos. If you’re beyond the freshman year of college, you’ve probably seen a few of these videos too! Best of all Khan Academy is a non-profit and dedicated to delivering high quality free videos.

    I started watching Khan Academy when I was in the process of changing careers and taking pre-medical courses, and personally they were lifesavers. I found they were especially useful in three situations

    1. Right before the lecture. I’d look at the syllabus, find out what the class was on and watch a quick Khan Academy video to ‘prime myself’ before class. Then when the topic was discussed in class I picked it up faster.
    2. To review hard concepts. Often I found it easier to understand the Khan Academy video vs the class lecture
    3. Before Exams. I’d review using their videos before exams. This let me focus on HY concepts.
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