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If you’re thinking about being a mentor, congratulations on taking this incredible first step in changing lives!

To Our Medical Student Mentors

Some places claim that only the very best medical students should mentor and advise others. Who gets to decide who the best medical students are? Do we use grades to determine an individuals worth? Are only the top 1% of a class worthy to be advisors? We believe that taking a holistic view of the individual is more meaningful.

Mentorship should be democratized and geared towards an individual’s specific circumstances. Our mentors reflect that. We have high performing mentors with near perfect GPA’s, mentors that struggled but succeeded, mentors who are non traditional students, and mentors that represent MD and DO schools. 

To all the medical students out there who want to pay it forward: BreakThru Mentoring is your home. We hope that together we can all help premeds in ways that we all wish we were helped.  

-Nate and Ali

Introducing... The BreakThru Mentorship Program


How can I help?


You'll have the opportunity to be a direct mentor for a pre-med that has similar backgrounds, aspirations, and goals.

Time Commitment

How many hours?

On Your Schedule

That'll vary between you and your mentee! We know you're busy, and exam weeks can get hectic, so set the tone early on. We just ask a minimum of 15/min a week.


Can I make money?

Generous Model

Your time is valuable, and we want to respect that! Below you'll find our payment breakdown.

What Pre-Meds Get from BreakThru Mentoring

Six Months of Private Mentoring
A BreakThru Custom Match©
Personal Dossier
Learning Style Analysis
BreakThru Mastery Series
Digital Mentoring Book
Exclusive Forum Access
Assignments & Assessments
BreakThru Bites©

How YOU Benefit as a BreakThru Mentor!

Earn Money for Your Advice
Residency CV Benefits
Leadership Experience
Give Back to Future Peers
Scholarship Donation Option
Volunteering Hours
Develop Personal Brand
Professional Networking
Life-Long Connections

So How Does the Mentoring Program Work?


BreakThru Mentoring Vision: Our vision is to facilitate mentor / mentee relationships with the best mentors for a premedical student: you, the medical student. Having just gone through the process, you understand best what they need to know, what obstacles will come in the way, and how to avoid potential pitfalls.

Who Are You Mentoring: Premedical students! In particular, a premedical student that lines up with your background, accomplishments, school and future goals. We feel these are important variables when making the perfect mentor-mentee match.

Payment Model: We know your time is valuable, so we think you should be compensated as such! The payment structure is dependent on the number of mentees that you’ve taken in total. This will look like:

  • 1st Student: $100
  • 2nd – 9th Student: $150 per student
  • 10th+ Student: $200 per student

The reason this is laid out this way is simply to cover the costs of overhead. So the more students you mentor, the more you’ll be able to earn on a case-by-case basis.

Bonus: If a mentee asks for your specifically, you’ll earn an extra $25 for that student!

Your Benefits Explained

Get Paid

Your time is valuable.
Make up to $33 / hour mentoring each student, but spending as little as 15min a week working with them.

CV Benefits

Mentorship shows you contain skills and values that practically every residency program is looking for. Not only will you be helping others, you’ll be helping your future self as well!

Leadership Experience

As a physician, you’ll be a teacher and a guide for your patients. Honing these skills will prepare you for any future goal you have as a doctor.

Give Back To Others

Share your  wisdom and your story with your pre-medical peers and watch as you inspire a new generation of physicians!

Scholarship Fund

Help play a role in our scholarship fund through the option of donating part or all of your pay! We’ll match your donation and add your name to our list of donors.

Volunteer Hours

If you’re not looking for a job, you can donate the entirety of your payment plan, and use this as an opportunity to volunteer.

Professional Network

As we grow, you’ll have continued access to medical students, residents and physicians across the country.

/Per Student
$ 0

With just a little time commitment, earn up to $200 per student. Keep the money yourself or donate part or all of it to our Scholarships!

Hours of Mentoring

15 Minutes a week over 6 months, comes out to only 6 hours of time. However, we encourage you to spend as much time with students as you want!

1 %

Thanks to your help, 100% of our previous students feel more comfortable applying to Medical School after the program.

Building Up Confidence Like That is Kind of Our Mission Here

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How will I get paid?

We’ll be collecting your routing information to send you the payments. The first will be one month into the program, and the remainder at the three month mark.

What paperwork would I need to fill out?

During the application process we will require proof of attendance at a medical school and initial usage of a school-certified email address. You can communicate with your mentee through other means, but we’ll need both to verify your admission to a medical school.

Would I be an employee of the company?

BreakThru is a mentorship matching service, so no you will not be a direct employee of BreakThru! You won’t be given a W-2 form and our only financial interaction with you will be the program payments. However, you can still list yourself as a Mentor from BreakThru on your CV.

How many mentees can I take at once?

As many as you are comfortable carrying! Our goal is to match everyone with their best-fit mentor, so while we can’t guarantee you’ll have infinite mentees, once you give us your mentee cap we’ll work that into our algorithm.

How often do I need to talk to my mentee?

At minimum, only 15 minutes a week! However, we highly encourage you set up a schedule that works best for both you and the mentee. This may mean weekly check-ups, primarily communicating through text, or any combination that works out  for the both of you. Some weeks may require more mentoring than others.

Am I expected to get them into medical school?

No guarantees like that are made! We remind the mentees that you can provide advice based on your experiences, but you cannot get them direct admission into any school.

Can I promote myself as a mentor and find my own mentees?

You most certainly can! If you post about your mentor status on social media and a mentee signs up and asks for you specifically, we’ll send another $25 your way per student.