Professionalism: Social Media

Welcome to the lesson on Professionalism and Social Media. Out of all the lessons here, this may be one of the most important. Many careers have been derailed before they ever began due to lapses in judgement on social media. As a developing pre-professional student you already have the responsibility to act maturely online. Make no mistake, things you post today will catch up to you tomorrow.

This Lesson Has 5 Tasks

  1. Read our Article on Professionalism and Social Media.

  2. Assignment 1: Read this scholarly article on how professionalism is a core competency for physicians.

  3. Assignment 2: Post what professionalism means to you. (In the full version this assignment takes place in our mentoring forums. Interact with mentors about how they see professionalism in college and medical school!)

  4. Assignment 3: Do a social media audit on your own accounts.

  5. Take the Exam Below!

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