Pre-Medical College Classes

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In this lesson, we’ll introduce you to ‘Pre-Medical Courses‘! This will take you through the majority of classes you’ll be taking as an undergrad. We’ll talk about how these courses can help you in medical school, and give you some suggestions on extra courses you may want to take!

This Lesson Has 3 Tasks

  1. Read our Article on Pre-Medical Courses. When people think of pre-medical students, they think of how hard the courses are! It’s true, the coursework on the road to medical school is hard. But you don’t need to walk in blind. Learn about what you need to do, embrace tutoring, get help, do all your work, study (even when you don’t want to or have to), and you’ll walk that road successfully!

  2. Assignment 1: Watch our video on being successful in your Fall Classes! We realize that many of you are not taking this in the Fall and that you’re High School students. Never-the-less, the advice here is universal! It’s better for you to learn these lessons now before your first semester of pre-medical coursework, then to learn them later the hard way.

  3. Take the Exam Below!

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