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How Can A Mentor Help Me?


The path to medical school isn't as straightforward as moving from Point A to Point B.

A mentor helps unlock your potential and guides you along the complicated path to your goals.

Medical Mentoring Network

What Makes Project BreakThru Different From Other Sites?

By You, For You

Many things! The majority of our site and mentoring opportunities are entirely free! And our Paid Mentor Match connects you with a mentor that reflects who you are and who you want to be. Something other places don't do.

The PBT Edge

So What's the Deal With the Name 'Project BreakThru'?

Who We Are. Who We Will BE!

Our name reflects the site's mission to help you break through the barriers to your future career, passion, and self!

Meet the Team

Our Amazing Interns!

Meghana Kolanu
Tarun Kotrike
Lahari Chappidi
Almas Fatima

Almas is a Rutgers senior, graduating with BA in Biological Sciences this summer. She chose to intern with Breakthru because it promises to help premed students in their medical school application process. She thinks that taking help from experienced medical students is better than struggling alone!!

"I am a recent college graduate of Rutgers University - New Brunswick! I joined BreakThru Mentoring because it plays an important role in providing free and low-cost mentorship to all students. I enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, and tennis in my free time. I hope to become a physician and work to bring equity for underserved communities."

Our Mentors Attend

Medical Students As Mentors

Some places claim that only the very best medical students should mentor and advise others. Who gets to decide who the best medical students are? Do we use grades to determine an individuals worth? Are only the top 1% of a class worthy to be advisors? 

We believe that taking a holistic view of the individual is more meaningful. Mentorship should be democratized and geared towards an individual’s specific circumstances. Our mentors reflect that. We have high performing mentors with near perfect GPA’s, mentors that struggled and succeeded, mentors who are non- traditional students, mentors that represent MD and DO schools and mentors that come from an incredible variety of backgrounds. 

Our BreakThru Mentors

Every medical student on BreakThru is a Mentor, but our BreakThru mentors are really something else. They are completely dedicated to mentoring and helping Shepard the next generation of medical schools.  

What is a BreakThru Mentor?

First, they are a medical student who went through our application process to confirm their attendance at a medical school, identify their mentoring style, and confirm their passion for mentoring pre-meds.

Second, they’ve made themselves available for 1:1 mentoring to premeds. And we’re not just talking a few answers or posts on the site, we’re talking at least 6 months, if not life-long mentoring of premeds.

So in short, our BreakThru Mentors are truly passionate and giving medical students.


Who Can Become a BreakThru Mentor?

Each and every medical student is invited to become one! You just need to complete the application. After launch you can even make some money for being a BreakThru Mentor. We know you’re not in this for the money, but we do feel that a commitment of that length requires some reimbursement for your time.

Become a Mentor

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